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Kansas Elementary Schools – A-I – List of Kansas Elementary Schools

Elementary School Listings A-I in Kansas
Abilene Elementary Adams Elementary
Adams Elementary Admire Elementary
Allen Elementary Alma Grade School
Almena Elementary Alta Brown Elementary
Altamont Elementary Altoona-Midway Intermediate Elementary
Altoona-Midway Primary Elementary Amanda Arnold Elementary
Amelia Earhart Elementary School Americus Elementary
Andale Elem-Middle Anderson Elementary
Anthony Elementary Anthony Elementary
Apache Elementary Appanoose Elementary
Arbor Creek Elementary Argonia Elementary
Ashland Elementary Atchison Elementary School
Atwood Elementary Auburn Elementary
Avenue A Elementary Avondale East Elementary
Avondale West Elementary Baldwin Elementary Primary
Baldwin Elementary Intermediate Center Banneker Elementary
Bartlett Elementary Basehor Elementary School
Bazine Elementary Beech Elementary
Beeson Elementary Belinder Elementary
Belle Plaine Elementary Belleville East Elementary
Beloit Elementary Bennington Elementary
Bentley Primary School Benton Elementary
Benton Elementary Bentwood Elementary
Bern Elementary Berryton Elementary
Bertram Caruthers Elementary Bethel Elementary
Bickerdyke Elementary Big Bow Elementary
Black Bob Elementary Black Traditional Magnet Elementary
Blue Mound Elementary Blue Ridge Elementary
Blue River Elementary Bluejacket-Flint
Bluestem-Haverhill Elementary Bluestem-Leon Elementary
Bonjour Elementary Bonner Springs Elementary
Bostic Traditional Magnet Elementary Bradley Elementary
Brewster Elementary Briarwood Elementary
Briarwood Elementary Broken Arrow Elementary
Broken Arrow Elementary Brookridge Elementary
Brookwood Elementary Brougham Elementary
Bryant Core Knowledge Magnet Bucklin Elementary
Buckner Performing Arts Magnet Elementary Buffalo Jones Elementary
Buhler Elementary Burlingame Elementary
Burlington Elementary K-5 Burrton Elementary
C 4 Elementary Caldwell Elementary
Caldwell Elementary Canton-Galva Elementary At Canton
Carbondale Attendance Center Cedar Creek Elementary
Cedar Vale Elementary Central Elementary
Central Elementary Central Elementary
Central Elementary Central Elementary
Central Elementary Central Elementary School
Central Heights Elementary Centralia Elementary
Centre Elementary Cessna Elementary
Chanute Elementary Charter School Chapman Elementary
Chase CO Elementary Chase Elementary
Chelsea Elementary Cheney Elementary
Cherokee Elementary Chetopa Elementary
Cheylin West Elementary Chisholm Trail Elementary
Christa Mcauliffe Elementary Cimarron Elementary
Claflin Elementary Clark Davidson Elementary
Clark Elementary Claude A Huyck Elementary
Clear Creek Elementary Clearwater Elementary East
Clearwater Elementary West Cleaveland Traditional Magnet Elementary
Clifton-Clyde Grade School K-3 Cloud Elementary
Colby Elementary College Hill Elementary
Colorado Elementary Colvin Elementary
Colwich Elementary Comanche Elementary
Concordia Elementary Conway Springs Kyle Trueblood
Copeland Elementary Cordley Elementary
Corinth Elementary Coronado Elementary
Cottonwood Elementary Cottonwood Elementary
Cottonwood Elementary School. Cottonwood Point Elementary
Council Grove Elementary Country View Elementary
Countryside Elementary Crest East Elementary
Crest West Elementary Crestview Elementary
Cummings Elementary Cunningham Elementary
Custer Hill Elementary David Brewer Elementary
Deerfield Elementary Deerfield Elementary
Delia Charter School Delmer Day Elem/Middle School
Derby Hills Elementary Dexter Elementary
Dighton Elementary Dodge Literacy Magnet
Dorothy Moody Elementary Douglass Elementary
Earhart Environ Magnet Elementary Earl M Lawson Elementary
East Antioch Elementary East Indianola Elementary
Eastern Heights Elementary Easton Elementary
Edgerton Elementary Edgewood Elementary
Edith Scheuerman Elementary Edna Elementary
Edwardsville Elementary Effingham Elementary
Eisenhower Elementary Eisenhower Elementary
Eisenhower Elementary Eisenhower Elementary
Eisenhower Elementary Eisenhower Elementary
Eisenhower Elementary Eisenhower Elementary
EL Paso Elementary Electronic Charter School - Elementary
Elk Valley Elementary Elkhart Elementary
Ell-Saline Elementary Ellinwood Elementary
Ellsworth Elementary Elmont Elementary
Elwood Elementary Emerson Elementary
Emerson Open Magnet Elementary Emmett Elementary
Enterprise Elementary Enterprise Elementary
Erie Elementary Eudora West Elementary School
Eugene Field Elementary Eugene Ware Elementary
Eugene Ware Elementary Ewalt Elementary
Fairfield East Elementary Fairfield West Elementary
Fairview Elementary Faris Elementary
Flinthills Intermediate School Flinthills Primary School
Florence Wilson Elementary Fontana Elementary
Fort Riley Elementary Fowler Elementary
Frances Willard Elementary Frances Willard Elementary
Frank Layden Elementary Frank Rushton Elementary
Frank V Bergman Elementary Frankfort Elementary
Franklin Elementary Franklin Elementary
Freeman Elementary Funston Elementary
Galesburg Elementary Gammon Elementary
Garden Plain Elementary Gardiner Elementary
Gardner Elementary Garfield Elementary
Garfield Elementary Garfield Elementary
Garfield Elementary Garfield Elementary
Garfield Elementary Garnett Elementary
Geo E Nettels Elementary Georgia Matthews Elementary
Gertrude Walker Elementary Glasco Elementary
Glenwood Ridge Elementary School Goessel Elementary
Golden Plains Elementary Graber Elementary
Grandview Elementary Grandview Elementary
Grant Elementary Grantville Elementary
Greeley County Elementary School Greeley Elementary
Green Elementary Green Springs Elementary
Greenlawn Elementary School Greiffenstein Special ED Center
Gridley Elementary Griffith Elementary
Grinnell Grade School Guthridge Elementary
Hamilton Elementary Hanover Elementary
Hanston Elementary Harmony Elementary
Harper Elementary Harry Street Elementary
Haven Elementary Havencroft Elementary
Haviland Elementary Hawthorne Elementary
Hazel Grove Elementary Healy Elementary
Heartland Elementary Heatherstone Elementary
Heller Elementary Herington Elementary
Heritage Elementary Herndon Elementary
Hesston Elementary Heusner Elementary
Hiawatha Elementary Hickok Elementary
Highland Elementary Highland Elementary
Highland Park Central Highlands Elementary
Hill City Elementary Hillcrest Elementary
Hillcrest Elementary Hillsboro Elementary
Hillsdale Elementary Hilltop Elementary
Hope Elementary Horace Mann Foreign Lang Elementary Magnet
Horton Elementary Howard Wilson Elementary
Hoxie Elementary Hugoton Elementary
Humboldt Elementary School Hutchinson Elementary Magnet School At Allen
Hutton Elementary Hyde Intl Studies/Commun Elementary Magnet
I X L Elementary Indian Creek Elementary
Indian Creek Elementary Indian Hills Elementary
Indian Valley Elementary Ingalls Elementary
Inman Elementary Irving Elementary
Irving Elementary Irving Primary
Isely Traditional Magnet Elementary