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Wichita - Wichita, Kansas - Public School District

Phone - 316-973-4000
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Wichita School District

Public Schools in This District

Adams Elementary
Alcott Academy
Allen Elementary
Allison Traditional Magnet Middle
Anderson Elementary
Beech Elementary
Benton Elementary
Black Traditional Magnet Elementary
Booth Early Childhood
Bostic Traditional Magnet Elementary
Brooks Magnet Middle School
Bryant Core Knowledge Magnet
Buckner Performing Arts Magnet Elementary
Caldwell Elementary
Cessna Elementary
Chisholm Trail Elementary
Clark Elementary
Cleaveland Traditional Magnet Elementary
Cloud Elementary
Coleman Middle School
College Hill Elementary
Colvin Elementary
Curtis Middle School
Dodge Literacy Magnet
Dodge/Edison Partnership
Earhart Environ Magnet Elementary
East High
Emerson Open Magnet Elementary
Enterprise Elementary
Franklin Elementary
Funston Elementary
Gammon Elementary
Gardiner Elementary
Greiffenstein Special ED Center
Griffith Elementary
Hadley Middle School
Hamilton Middle School
Harry Street Elementary
Heights High
Horace Mann Foreign Lang Elementary Magnet
Hyde Intl Studies/Commun Elementary Magnet
Irving Elementary
Isely Traditional Magnet Elementary
Jardine Middle School Magnet
Jardine/Edison Partnership Middle
Jefferson Elementary
Kellogg Science/Tech Magnet Elementary
Kelly Liberal Arts Academy
Kensler Elementary
L'ouverture Computer Technology Magnet
Lawrence Elementary
Levy SP ED Center
Lewis Open Magnet Elementary
Lincoln Elementary
Linwood Elementary
Marshall Middle School
Mayberry Magnet Middle School
Mccollom Elementary
Mclean Science/Tech Magnet Elementary
Mead Middle School
Metro Blvd Alt High
Metro Meridian Alt High
Metro Midtown Alt High
Minneha Elementary
Mueller Elementary
North High
Northeast Magnet/Downtown Campus
Northwest High
O K Elementary
Park Elementary
Payne Elementary
Peterson Elementary
Pleasant Valley Elementary
Pleasant Valley Middle School
Price/Harris Communications Magnet
Price/Harris Communications Magnet
Riverside Cultural Arts / History Magnet
Robinson Middle School
Seltzer Elementary
South High
Southeast High
Sowers Special Education Center
Spaght Accelerated Magnet Academy
Stanley Elementary
Stucky Middle School
Truesdell Middle School
Washington Accelerated Learning Elementary
Wells Alternative Middle School
West High
White Elementary
Wilbur Middle School
Woodland Health / Wellness Magnet Elementary
Woodman Elementary
Wichita School District Data
County of Location: Sedgwick
Number of Schools in This District: 90
Student/Teacher ratio: 16.3
Total Students Pre Kindergarten - 12 Grade: 48,894
Total Males: 24,243
Total Females: 23,279
American Indian Students: 1,270
Asian/Pacific Islanders : 2,550
African Americans: 11,202
Hispanic: 9,352
White: 23,148
Total Staff: 5,606
Fulltime Teachers: 3,069
Ungraded Teachers: 487
Pre Kindergarten Teachers: 40
Kindergarten Teachers: 161
Elementary Teachers: 1,139
Secondary Teachers: 1,243
Elementary Guidance Counselors: 28
Secondary Guidance Counselors: 59
Total Guidance Counselors: 87
LEA Administrators: 74
School Administrators: 154
LEA Admin Support Staff: 42
School Admin Support Staff: 269
Student Support Services Staff: 185
Other Support Staff: 988
Library Media Support Staff: 12
Librarians Media Specialists: 67
Instructional Aides - Total: 647
Instructional Coordinators: 13